Jet, Set, Go! How Indians Make-Their-Yatra happen

Indians are taking off like never before. Call it a better lifestyle or a busy one, we are increasingly leaving our nest and traveling wide and far in our quest. Travel nowadays is no longer about meticulous planning. Be it travel options or bookings, everything is available at a click of a button. Add to that the plethora of travel portals which have become the one stop solution for all ...

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India’s long jump in sports – Asian Games and beyond

69 - India's shimmering tally at the 2018 Asian Games, 31 - Number of medallists who were aged 21 years or younger, Sports in India has never seen such youthful exuberance. The emergence of young athletes has certainly been the highlight of this year's Asian Games. So was the country's backing and support. From constant media highlights to Twitter updates from the sports ministry, every win was...

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The News Television debate – Dissecting the English rat race

It's literally Breaking News, everywhere and almost everytime!!! And it comes bundled the exact same way - flashy headlines, fiery graphics, loud guests and even louder anchors. Add to that the tag of being biased and compromised. News channels today are no longer seen as neutral bodies. Sides seem to have clearly been taken, not just by channels but also by the viewers...

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BJP in crisis as Rahul rises – The 2019 war heats up!

The success of the nationwide Bharat Bandh to protest the rising fuel prices in most states shows that public anger against the BJP is finally hitting the streets, The 2019 poll bugle has been sounded and preparations are on for the final war. Every party is busy planning, executing and scrambling to dominate the battlefield. While the BJP is rallying for the same support that fuelled them in 2014...

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South hails Rahul Baba while West sings NaMo raga

The Modi government's tepid response to the recent floods in Kerala is said to dent his image further in the southern region, It can't really be called the clash of the titans.. But when the country's two most talked about politicians are caught in a pitched battle, one may just be tempted to call it that. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi have their eyes set on ...

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Television is not passe´- It’s a big bright world out there

If you thought the once beloved idiot box was fazing out, then think again. The television universe is getting jazzier by the day, expanding quickly even as we march deeper into the digital era. Surprised? Well, you should be. Turns out Indians are buying television sets as eagerly as they are buying the latest gadgets. With a steady rise in tv sales, over 800 million people in the country today ...

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We are buying a lot of fakes – Increasingly and Unknowingly

The world is increasingly falling prey to fakery - fraud products that are cheap, sell fast and are often hard to spot. India is no different. From luxury items to consumer items & durables, our markets today are flooded with fake products most of which make their way in from China. Rising disposable incomes in the country have pushed the demand for branded products which in turn have encouraged the ...

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The dark side of dating apps- it’s not always about the right match

With Facebook all set to enter the dating apps arena, old-timers like Tinder will be forced to clean up their act, We are living in a jet-set-go world where we want everything fast - fast cars, fast food, fast updates even fast love. Long gone are the days of waiting, approaching and courting. Be it one-off dating, long-term dating or marriage, millennials today want to skip the drills and ...

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Plastic is killing us slowly – But are we doing enough?

We invented this miracle material that simplified our lives, now we are drowning in it. Plastic is at the forefront of the throwaway culture we have all happily embraced - one that is now fast filling up landfills and choking all our water bodies. Plastic pollution has become a big threat to our planet and everything it contains. Yet, our dependency on it is at an all-time high...

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