How Do You Say 28 in French

How Do You Say 28 in French: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to learning a new language, numbers play a crucial role in everyday conversations. If you’re looking to expand your French vocabulary, it’s essential to know how to express numbers accurately. In this article, we’ll explore how to say 28 in French, along with seven frequently asked questions related to counting in French.

How to Say 28 in French: Vingt-huit

The French translation for the number 28 is “vingt-huit.” The number follows a simple pattern where the word “vingt” (twenty) is combined with the word for eight, “huit.” Keep in mind that the French language uses a base-20 counting system, making it different from the base-10 system used in English.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How do I count from 21 to 29 in French?
To count from 21 to 29 in French, you need to combine “vingt” (twenty) with the numbers one to nine. Here’s a list to help you:
– 21: vingt et un
– 22: vingt-deux
– 23: vingt-trois
– 24: vingt-quatre
– 25: vingt-cinq
– 26: vingt-six
– 27: vingt-sept
– 28: vingt-huit
– 29: vingt-neuf

2. Are there any exceptions in French numbers?
Yes, there are a few exceptions in French numbers. For numbers ending in one, such as 21 (vingt et un), the word “et” (and) is used between the tens and units digits. Additionally, numbers ending in zero, such as 30 (trente), do not require any additional words.

3. Is there a difference between masculine and feminine numbers in French?
No, there is no distinction between masculine and feminine numbers in French. Unlike other nouns, numbers do not have gender in the French language.

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4. How do I say 128 in French?
To say 128 in French, you would combine “cent” (one hundred) with “vingt-huit” (28). The correct translation is “cent vingt-huit.”

5. What is the highest number in the French counting system?
In the French counting system, the highest number is “un trillion.” It is equivalent to one trillion in English.

6. How do I say 28th in French?
To express the ordinal form of 28th in French, you add “ième” to the number “vingt-huit.” The correct translation is “vingt-huitième.”

7. Are there any regional variations in French numbers?
Yes, there are some regional variations in French numbers. In certain regions, such as parts of Belgium and Switzerland, the number 80 is expressed as “huitante” instead of “quatre-vingts.” Similarly, the number 70 can be referred to as “septante” instead of “soixante-dix” in these regions.

Mastering numbers in French can be challenging, but with practice and dedication, it becomes easier. Remember to pay attention to pronunciation, as French numbers often differ from their English counterparts. Practice counting from 1 to 100 to improve your fluency and confidence in using French numbers.

In conclusion, saying 28 in French is “vingt-huit.” Understanding the patterns and rules of French numbers will help you expand your vocabulary and have more meaningful conversations. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be effortlessly counting in French!

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