How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Armenian

How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Armenian?

Birthdays are special occasions that are celebrated all around the world. They are a time to honor the individuals we love and make them feel special. If you have Armenian friends or family members, you may want to learn how to say “Happy Birthday” in Armenian to surprise them on their special day. In this article, we will explore the phrase and its pronunciation, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about Armenian birthday traditions.

Saying “Happy Birthday” in Armenian:
In Armenian, the phrase “Happy Birthday” is translated as “Շնորհավոր ծնունդդ” (pronounced: shnorhavor tsunundd). This phrase is commonly used in Armenia and among the Armenian diaspora.

To pronounce “Շնորհավոր ծնունդդ” correctly, follow these guidelines:

1. “Շ” sounds like the “sh” in “sheep.”
2. “ն” is pronounced like the “n” in “no.”
3. “ր” is pronounced like the “r” in “run.”
4. “հ” sounds like the “h” in “hello.”
5. “ա” is pronounced like the “a” in “father.”
6. “վ” sounds like the “v” in “victory.”
7. “որ” is pronounced like “or.”
8. ” “ւ” is pronounced like the “v” in “victory.”
9. “ն” is pronounced like the “n” in “no.”
10. “դ” sounds like the “d” in “dog.”

Putting it all together, the pronunciation of “Շնորհավոր ծնունդդ” is: “shnorhavor tsunundd.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Armenian Birthday Traditions:

Q: Is celebrating birthdays a common practice in Armenia?
A: Yes, birthday celebrations are quite common in Armenia. They are often marked family gatherings, feasts, and gift-giving.

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Q: Are there any specific birthday traditions in Armenia?
A: Yes, there are a few unique traditions associated with Armenian birthdays. For example, it is customary to serve a special dish called “khorovats,” which is a barbecue prepared with various types of meat. Additionally, Armenians often bake a special type of cake called “horovats tort,” which is decorated with colorful fruits and flowers.

Q: Are there any birthday greetings besides “Շնորհավոր ծնունդդ”?
A: Yes, besides “Շնորհավոր ծնունդդ,” you can also say “Շնորհավորեք ծնունդս” (pronounced: shnorhavor-yek tsunundes). Both phrases convey the same meaning of wishing someone a happy birthday.

Q: What are some other common birthday phrases in Armenian?
A: Here are a few phrases you can use to extend your birthday wishes in Armenian:

– “Կատարեք ամեն ինչում ու սիրումներով” (pronounced: katarek amen inchum oo seerumnerov) means “May all your wishes come true with love.”
– “Կատարեք լուրջ վայրում” (pronounced: katarek loorj vayroom) means “Celebrate in a special place.”
– “Կատարեք շնորհավորումներով” (pronounced: katarek shnorhavorovmnerov) means “Celebrate with blessings.”

Q: Are there any birthday superstitions in Armenia?
A: Yes, there is a popular superstition in Armenia that if someone spills water behind a person celebrating their birthday, it brings good luck. This act is often accompanied the phrase “Շնորհավոր ծնունդդ եմ ուզում” (pronounced: shnorhavor tsunundd em uzum) which means “I wish you a happy birthday.”

Celebrating birthdays is a joyous time in Armenia, where friends and family come together to honor and celebrate the person’s special day. By learning how to say “Happy Birthday” in Armenian, you can show your love and appreciation to your Armenian friends and family members, making their day even more memorable. So, next time a loved one is celebrating their birthday, don’t forget to wish them “Շնորհավոր ծնունդդ”!

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