How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Lithuanian

How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Lithuanian?

Birthdays are a special occasion that people all over the world celebrate in different ways. If you have a Lithuanian friend or loved one, you may be curious about how to say “Happy Birthday” in Lithuanian. In this article, we will explore the Lithuanian language and provide you with the phrase you need to wish someone a happy birthday.

In Lithuanian, the phrase “Happy Birthday” is pronounced as “Su gimtadieniu.” This phrase, when translated word word, means “with a birthday.” However, it is the commonly used expression to convey birthday wishes in Lithuania. It is a simple and heartfelt way to wish someone a happy birthday in the Lithuanian language.


1. How do you pronounce “Su gimtadieniu”?
The pronunciation of “Su gimtadieniu” is “soo gim-tah-dee-eh-nyu.”

2. Are there any other ways to wish someone a happy birthday in Lithuanian?
While “Su gimtadieniu” is the most common way to say happy birthday, you can also use the phrase “Linksmų gimtadienių,” which means “Happy birthday” in a more festive tone.

3. Do Lithuanians celebrate birthdays differently?
Lithuanians celebrate birthdays similarly to other cultures. They often gather with friends and family, exchange gifts, and enjoy a special meal or cake.

4. How do Lithuanians traditionally celebrate birthdays?
Traditionally, Lithuanians celebrate birthdays hosting a party where guests bring gifts, share a meal, and participate in various activities and games. It is common to have a special birthday cake with candles, which the birthday person blows out while making a wish.

5. Are there any birthday traditions unique to Lithuania?
In Lithuania, it is customary for the birthday person to receive a symbolic birthday beating. This tradition involves lightly tapping the person on the back with a willow branch. It is believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

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6. What are some common birthday greetings in Lithuanian?
In addition to saying “Su gimtadieniu” or “Linksmų gimtadienių,” you can also use phrases like “Sveikinu su gimtadieniu” (Congratulations on your birthday) or “Linksmų metų” (Happy years).

7. Are there any birthday songs in Lithuanian?
Yes, there are several birthday songs in Lithuanian. One popular song is called “Tavo gimtadienis” (Your birthday), which is often sung at birthday parties. It is a cheerful and festive song that adds to the celebratory atmosphere.

In conclusion, to say “Happy Birthday” in Lithuanian, you can use the phrase “Su gimtadieniu.” This simple and heartfelt expression is commonly used in Lithuania to convey birthday wishes. However, if you want to add a more festive tone, you can also say “Linksmų gimtadienių.” Lithuanians celebrate birthdays similarly to other cultures, with parties, gifts, and special cakes. Additionally, they have unique traditions such as the symbolic birthday beating. So, the next time you have a Lithuanian friend or family member celebrating a birthday, you can confidently wish them “Su gimtadieniu!”

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