How to Say Good in Haitian Creole

How to Say Good in Haitian Creole: A Comprehensive Guide

Haitian Creole, a unique and vibrant language spoken millions in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, is known for its rich cultural heritage and warm expressions. If you are interested in learning how to say “good” in Haitian Creole, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the necessary vocabulary and context. Additionally, we have included a FAQs section at the end to answer some common questions about this fascinating language.


1. Good morning – Bonjou
2. Good afternoon – Bon aprèmidi
3. Good evening – Bonswa
4. Good night – Bon nwit
5. Goode – Orevwa
6. Good luck – Bon chans
7. Good job – Byen fè
8. Good health – Bon sante
9. Good day – Bòn jou
10. Good weekend – Byen semèn


1. Have a good day – Pase yon bòn jou
2. Have a good trip – Bòn vwayaj
3. Enjoy your meal – Bon manje
4. Sleep well – Dòmi en
5. Have a good time – Pase yon bon moman


Q1. How do you pronounce “Bonjou” correctly?
A1. “Bonjou” is pronounced as “bohn-zhoo.” The “n” is nasalized, and the “ou” sounds like the “ou” in “you.”

Q2. Is it appropriate to say “Bonswa” at any time in the evening?
A2. Yes, “Bonswa” is used to greet someone in the evening, similar to “good evening” in English. It is a polite and friendly way to acknowledge someone during that time.

Q3. Can I use “Bon nwit” to say “goode”?
A3. While “Bon nwit” literally translates to “good night,” it is not commonly used to say “goode.” “Orevwa” is the appropriate word to bid farewell to someone.

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Q4. How can I wish someone good health?
A4. To wish someone good health, you can say “Bon sante.” This phrase is commonly used when someone is feeling unwell or going through a difficult time.

Q5. When should I use “Byen semèn”?
A5. “Byen semèn” is used to wish someone a good weekend. It can be used on Fridays or when someone is about to embark on a weekend trip.

Q6. Is it customary to wish someone good luck in Haitian Creole?
A6. Yes, wishing someone good luck is considered polite in Haitian culture. You can say “Bon chans” to express your well wishes before an important event or endeavor.

Q7. Can I use “Byen fè” to compliment someone’s work?
A7. Absolutely! “Byen fè” translates to “good job” and is an excellent way to acknowledge someone’s accomplishments or efforts.

Q8. Are there any other common phrases with the word “good” in Haitian Creole?
A8. Yes, there are many other expressions that involve the word “good” in Haitian Creole. For example, “Byen bon” means “very good” or “excellent,” and “Byen swa” translates to “good evening.”

Learning how to say “good” in Haitian Creole is not only a linguistic exercise but also a way to connect with the vibrant culture of Haiti. By using these phrases in the appropriate context, you can show respect and appreciation for the language and its speakers. So go ahead, practice these expressions, and spread some “bon” vibes in your conversations!

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