India data breach

The Great Indian Data Breach – Time to plug the leak?

They are getting smarter, bolder and more sophisticated. They are the lords of the dark web - attacking and stealing the online booty. The world ...

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It’s jingle all the way for India’s Ad world

Back in the 90's Doordarshan was the ultimate destination for all our entertainment. Not just the shows, even the advertisements with their catchy jingles and ...

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Music apps play loud but fail to silence the Radio

The Buggles sang their hit song 'Video killed the Radio star' back in 1979, troubled as they were over the effects of technology. Little did ...

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China finds new love in India and its totally Filmi

India and China may be enemies at the border but they do share a common love - Aamir Khan - and through him the entire ...

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85% Indians want data privacy – What about you?

Our personal data is not that personal anymore and it changes hands at a pace faster than we can imagine. Come to think of it. ...

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Breaking down the ‘News’ – Who’s watching What

Breaking News!! First on Ground Zero!! Number 1 News Channel!! Statements like these come at us faster than News itself. And they are just about ...

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Indian retail set for an e-turn, AI to lead the way

Reliance Industries' foray into the e-commerce space will only raise the stakes higher Indians are shopping like never before.. and a lot of it is happening ...

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WhatsAPP India! What are you busy downloading?

First came the big websites, then came their miniatures - apps that open in a snap. These tiny buttons have totally changed the way we ...

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Indians say cheers to beer

Indians say cheers to Beer and all things foreign

The much-loved Whiskey has a reason to be sour This smooth smoky drink has for the longest time ruled both our hearts and shelves. After ...

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