Positives amid the pandemic
UK’s changing attitudes


of people say they will focus more on their savings post the pandemic


of people say they will plan to donate more post the COVID-19 pandemic


of people support two weeks of lockdown once a year to cut down on pollution

The chaos and misery brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic have also forced countries, as well as, individuals to re-align their strategies and priorities. Piplsay reached out to Britons nationwide to find out how their thoughts and action will change once life returns to normalcy. Government, charities as well as retailers can leverage this data in their decision making. 

It may seem unusual to talk about the positives amid the ongoing pandemic, but many a time crisis like these often help us to step up or even step back for the greater good. How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed our attitude towards each other, the environment, and even our own way of living? Piplsay polled 3,079 people in the UK to get some of these insights. Here’s a summary of what we found:

Positives Amid The Pandemic

Survey Methodology: This Piplsay survey (powered by Market Cube) was conducted nationwide in the UK in the month of April 2020. We received 3,079 online responses from individuals aged 18 years and older.

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