Questions for Who Said It Bridal Shower Game

Questions for Who Said It Bridal Shower Game

A bridal shower is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a bride-to-be. It brings together friends and family to shower the bride with love, well wishes, and gifts. While traditional bridal shower activities such as gift opening and cake cutting are always enjoyable, adding some fun games to the mix can make the event even more memorable. One popular game that is sure to entertain everyone is the “Who Said It” bridal shower game.

The “Who Said It” game is a simple yet entertaining activity that involves guessing which member of the bridal party or the bride herself said a particular statement. It is a fun way to learn more about the couple, their relationship, and their personalities. To help you plan a successful bridal shower, here are some questions you can use for the “Who Said It” game:

1. “Who said, ‘I knew he/she was the one the moment we met’?” This question allows the guests to guess who expressed their immediate connection and intuition about the bride and groom’s relationship.

2. “Who said, ‘I’m the better cook in the relationship’?” This question will spark some laughs as guests try to figure out who is more confident about their culinary skills.

3. “Who said, ‘I am the romantic one in the relationship’?” This question is perfect for revealing who wears their heart on their sleeve and loves to sweep their partner off their feet.

4. “Who said, ‘I cried the most during the proposal’?” This question will give guests an insight into the sentimental side of the couple’s engagement story.

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5. “Who said, ‘I am the better dancer’?” This question will bring out the competitive spirit as guests try to guess who is the real dancing queen or king.

6. “Who said, ‘I am the more organized one in the relationship’?” This question will shed light on who takes charge when it comes to planning and keeping things in order.

7. “Who said, ‘I am the one who always gets lost’?” This question will reveal who has a knack for losing their way and who is the designated navigator in the relationship.

These are just a few examples of questions you can use for the “Who Said It” bridal shower game. Feel free to customize the questions based on the couple’s personalities, hobbies, and quirks. The key is to make the questions humorous, light-hearted, and suitable for all guests to enjoy.


1. How many questions should I prepare for the game?
– It is recommended to have around 10-15 questions for the game. This ensures that the activity lasts long enough to entertain the guests but doesn’t become too time-consuming.

2. Can I include questions about the couple’s exes or past relationships?
– It is best to avoid questions about exes or past relationships. The focus of the game should be on the couple’s current relationship and their journey together.

3. Should I reveal the correct answer immediately after each question?
– To keep the game exciting, it is better to collect all the answers from the guests before revealing the correct ones. This way, everyone can participate and enjoy the guessing process.

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4. Can I involve the bride and groom in the game?
– Absolutely! Involving the bride and groom in the game can add an extra layer of fun. You can have them guess the answers privately and then reveal their responses along with the guests’ answers.

5. What are some prizes I can offer for the winners?
– Prizes can range from small tokens like scented candles or personalized keychains to more substantial gifts like spa vouchers or gift cards. Choose prizes that align with the interests of the guests.

6. Can I create a digital version of the game?
– Yes, you can create a digital version of the game using online survey platforms or creating a PowerPoint presentation. This allows for easy sharing and eliminates the need for physical paper and pen.

7. Can I include questions that are more personal or intimate?
– It is important to consider the comfort level of the couple and the guests. If everyone is open to more personal questions, you can include them. However, be mindful of boundaries and ensure that the questions are still lighthearted and fun.

In conclusion, the “Who Said It” bridal shower game is a fantastic way to entertain guests and learn more about the couple’s relationship. With the right questions and a dash of creativity, this game is sure to be a hit at any bridal shower. So gather your questions, get ready for some laughter, and enjoy a memorable event celebrating the bride-to-be!

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