Television is not passe´- It’s a big bright world out there

If you thought the once beloved idiot box was fazing out, then think again. The television universe is getting jazzier by the day, expanding quickly even as we march deeper into the digital era. Surprised? Well, you should be. Turns out Indians are buying television sets as eagerly as they are buying the latest gadgets.

With a steady rise in tv sales, over 800 million people in the country today have access to televisions in their homes. Compared to that there are 300 million people who own a smartphone today. In fact, the growth in the number of television sets in the last two years has outpaced the growth in the number of homes.

Given the number the total homes, there is scope for another 100 million homes to purchase television sets in the near future


Southern India with over 90% tv penetration has the most number of television sets in the country. It’s not surprising to see Tamil Nadu leading in the region given the deeply entrenched election freebie culture in the state. Both DMK and AIADMK have a history of doling out millions of tv sets to voters after assuming power.

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On the other hand, extreme poverty and lack of electricity in some of the northern states meant that television was not really a priority for people there. But rising incomes along with the ongoing electrification program in the last few years have given them access to some basic needs like TV. In fact, both Bihar and Jharkhand despite having the lowest penetration have also seen the highest growth in the last two years.


TV is here to stay

With mushrooming television sets in the country, the total tv viewership has shot up by 12% since 2016. The average time spent watching television has also climbed up with consumers spending 224 minutes every day on it- 4 hours 6 minutes in urban India and 3 hours 27 minutes in rural India. This shows that despite the smartphone boom and cheap data which has fuelled the success and growth of OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Reliance Jio etc, people remain glued to television sets.

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At the same time, the number of DTH users in India is expected to substantially rise in the coming years, in turn, increasing the demand for televisions.

The Television market share in India is expected to be worth over $21 billion in the next two years and will be largely driven by the rural segment

The immense scope for growth can be gauged from the fact that 86% Indians still watch TV on old CRT sets and only 3% homes have more than one television. The growing demand for LED, LCD and Smart TV’s have opened up the market with even global majors like Xiaomi, Thomson, and TCL jumping into the fray with their low-cost and feature-rich models.

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With such a bright future, the idiot box is definitely on the roll. By getting bigger, better and bolder, it will continue to dominate our living rooms and entertain us for a long time to come.

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