Things to Say When Talking Dirty to Your Girlfriend

Talking dirty can be a thrilling and intimate experience for couples. It adds a sense of excitement and spice to your relationship, bringing you closer together in the bedroom. However, it can be nerve-wracking for some people, especially if you’re new to it or unsure of what to say. If you’re looking to take your dirty talk game to the next level, here are some things to say when talking dirty to your girlfriend.

1. Compliments: Everyone loves to be complimented, especially during intimate moments. Expressing how attractive and desirable your girlfriend is can instantly turn up the heat. Use phrases like, “You have the most amazing body,” or “I can’t resist your seductive smile.”

2. Express your desires: Let your girlfriend know what you want and desire in the moment. Use phrases like, “I want to taste you,” or “I can’t wait to feel you against me.” This shows your enthusiasm and builds anticipation.

3. Recall past experiences: Reminiscing about your favorite moments together can be incredibly arousing. Relive a passionate encounter saying, “Remember that time we were in [insert location]? I can still feel your touch.” It creates a sense of nostalgia and reignites the passion.

4. Be specific: Provide explicit details about what you want to do to your girlfriend or what you want her to do to you. Use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture. For example, “I want to kiss every inch of your body,” or “I want you to whisper naughty things in my ear.”

5. Dirty fantasies: Share your deepest fantasies with your girlfriend. This can be thrilling for both of you and can open up new possibilities in the bedroom. For example, “I’ve always wanted to try [insert fantasy]. Would you be interested in exploring that with me?”

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6. Praise her performance: During the act, let your girlfriend know how much pleasure she’s giving you. Express your appreciation for her skills and make her feel confident and empowered. Say things like, “You’re so good at this,” or “You always know how to drive me wild.”

7. Use your senses: Incorporate sensory language to enhance the experience. Talk about how she smells, tastes, feels, and sounds. For example, “You taste so sweet,” or “I love the way your skin feels against mine.” This adds an extra layer of intimacy.


1. Is dirty talk necessary in a relationship?
Dirty talk is not necessary in every relationship, as it depends on individual preferences. However, it can add excitement and intimacy if both partners are comfortable with it.

2. How can I overcome my shyness when talking dirty?
Start discussing your boundaries and comfort levels with your partner. Gradually introduce dirty talk in a playful way, and remember that practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become.

3. What if my partner doesn’t respond well to dirty talk?
Communication is key. If your partner doesn’t respond positively, it’s important to respect their boundaries. Have an open conversation about what they enjoy and what they’re comfortable with, and find other ways to keep your intimacy alive.

4. Are there any phrases I should avoid when talking dirty?
Avoid using derogatory or disrespectful language. Always prioritize consent and ensure that your partner is comfortable with the words or phrases you choose.

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5. Can I use dirty talk outside the bedroom?
Absolutely! Dirty talk can be used to build anticipation and communicate desires throughout the day. Send your partner a steamy text or whisper something naughty in their ear when you’re out together.

6. How can I know if my partner enjoys dirty talk?
Open and honest communication is crucial. Talk to your partner about their desires and boundaries. Pay attention to their reactions and cues during intimate moments to ensure that you’re both enjoying the experience.

7. Is it normal to feel embarrassed or awkward when talking dirty?
Feeling a bit awkward or embarrassed is completely normal, especially if you’re new to dirty talk. Remember that intimacy is a journey, and it takes time to become comfortable. Stay patient, have fun, and enjoy exploring this new aspect of your relationship.

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