What Did Clara Say to the Doctor in the Cloisters

Title: What Did Clara Say to the Doctor in the Cloisters?


In the gripping episode “Hell Bent” from the ninth series of Doctor Who, Clara Oswald, the Doctor’s beloved companion, finds herself facing her own demise. As the Doctor attempts to save her from the inevitability of death, Clara whispers something in his ear in the mysterious Cloisters. This article aims to delve into the possibilities of what Clara might have said and explore the impact of her final words on the Doctor.

What Did Clara Say?

1. “Run, you clever boy, and remember.”

One of the most iconic lines from Clara, this phrase encapsulates her relationship with the Doctor. By reminding him to run and remember, Clara is urging the Doctor to continue his adventures and never forget the lessons they shared together.

2. “Don’t mourn me, Doctor, just run.”

Clara, aware of the Doctor’s tendency to linger on loss, may have requested him not to mourn her death but instead honor her memory embracing his wanderlust and continuing to explore the universe.

3. “I love you, Doctor.”

Clara’s love for the Doctor has been a central theme throughout their time together. By confessing her love, Clara may have wanted to ensure that the Doctor knew the impact he had on her life and how much she cherished their time together.

4. “Remember Gallifrey.”

Considering the Doctor’s remorse over the loss of his home planet, Gallifrey, Clara might have reminded him to remember and fight for his people. This could have been a plea for the Doctor to never forget his roots and to keep searching for a way to bring Gallifrey back.

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5. “Find me again.”

Knowing the Doctor’s ability to bend time and space, Clara may have asked him to find a way to reunite with her in some form. This could be interpreted as her requesting him to seek her out in the afterlife or find a way to reverse the events that led to her death.


1. Why was Clara’s fate so significant?
Clara’s character arc was unique as she defied the typical mortality of companions. Her eventual death was a poignant moment that showcased the emotional depth of the Doctor-companion relationship.

2. What were the Cloisters?
The Cloisters were a vast repository within the Time Lord Capitol on Gallifrey, containing various artifacts and potentially dangerous secrets. It was a place Clara sought refuge, hoping to hide from her inevitable death.

3. What emotional impact did Clara’s words have on the Doctor?
Clara’s final words deeply affected the Doctor, as they served as a reminder of their bond and the loss he felt. Her words motivated him to challenge the rules of time and space in order to save her, showcasing the lengths he would go for his companions.

4. Did Clara’s words alter the Doctor’s subsequent actions?
Clara’s words played a crucial role in shaping the Doctor’s mindset, causing him to become more reckless and willing to break the rules to save her. This shift in behavior led to significant consequences in subsequent episodes.


The enigmatic words Clara shared with the Doctor in the Cloisters will forever remain a subject of intrigue and speculation among Doctor Who fans. From urging him to remember and continue his adventures, to expressing her love and pleading for Gallifrey’s remembrance, Clara’s final words held immense emotional weight. They motivated the Doctor to go to great lengths to save her and changed the course of their intertwined destinies. Ultimately, Clara’s message will forever be a testament to the enduring bond between the Doctor and his companions.

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