What Did Kathy Griffin Say to Zach Rance

Title: What Did Kathy Griffin Say to Zach Rance?


In the realm of reality TV, unexpected encounters between celebrities can often lead to intriguing conversations, and sometimes even controversies. One such instance occurred when comedian Kathy Griffin crossed paths with former Big Brother contestant Zach Rance. Their interaction sparked curiosity among fans, prompting questions about what precisely transpired between them. In this article, we will delve into the details of their conversation, shedding light on the context and addressing common queries surrounding this incident.

The Conversation:

The meeting between Kathy Griffin and Zach Rance took place in 2014 during the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. Rance, a fan-favorite from Big Brother 16, attended the event as a correspondent for Fanlala TV, an online entertainment news outlet. During an interview with Griffin on the red carpet, Rance asked her a question that sparked a controversial response.

Rance, known for his playful and light-hearted demeanor, asked Griffin, “Who are you wearing?” This question, commonly asked on red carpets, refers to the designer or brand of the outfit a celebrity is wearing. However, Griffin responded with a seemingly sarcastic remark that created a stir. She replied, “I’m not wearing anyone. I’m wearing a thong.”

The comment caught Rance off-guard, momentarily leaving him speechless. Despite the unexpected response, Rance managed to maintain his composure and continued the interview, asking additional questions about Griffin’s expectations for the evening.

Social Media Reactions:

After the interview, the footage quickly circulated on social media, leading to a range of reactions from fans and viewers. Many found Griffin’s response amusing, commending her quick wit and ability to deliver a punchline. Others, however, criticized her for what they perceived as an inappropriate and uncalled-for remark.

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Q: Did Kathy Griffin apologize for her comment?
A: Following the incident, Griffin did not issue a public apology to Rance or address the comment directly. It is unclear if she privately reached out to him to clarify her remark or offer an explanation.

Q: How did Zach Rance react to the comment?
A: Although initially taken aback Griffin’s response, Rance managed to handle the situation gracefully. He maintained a professional demeanor throughout the interview, continuing with his questions despite the unexpected remark.

Q: Did Kathy Griffin face any consequences for her comment?
A: The incident did not result in any significant consequences for Griffin. While some viewers expressed their disapproval, no official actions or penalties were imposed, as it was seen as a spontaneous and lighthearted remark.

Q: Did this incident affect Kathy Griffin’s career?
A: Kathy Griffin’s career has been marked controversies, and this incident had minimal impact on her overall trajectory. She continued to work in the entertainment industry, appearing in various television shows and stand-up performances following the event.


The encounter between Kathy Griffin and Zach Rance at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards undoubtedly left an impression on fans and viewers. While Griffin’s response to Rance’s red carpet question raised eyebrows and sparked discussions, it did not lead to any significant repercussions. Ultimately, this incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of live events and the potential for unexpected and controversial moments in the realm of celebrity interactions.

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