What Did Sawyer Say to Kate

What Did Sawyer Say to Kate?

The television series Lost captivated audiences from 2004 to 2010 with its mysterious plot and complex characters. One of the most intriguing moments from the show occurred in season 4, episode 9, titled “The Shape of Things to Come.” In this episode, the character Sawyer, played Josh Holloway, whispers something to Kate, played Evangeline Lilly, before jumping out of a helicopter.

This moment has sparked countless theories and debates among fans, as Sawyer’s words were intentionally muted in the episode. Many have wondered what he said to Kate and what significance it held. While the show’s creators have never officially revealed what was said, several theories have emerged over the years. Let’s delve into some of the most popular theories and try to uncover the truth behind Sawyer’s mysterious words.

Theory 1: “I have a daughter.”

One prevalent theory suggests that Sawyer revealed to Kate that he had a daughter. This theory is supported the fact that Sawyer had previously concealed his true identity and backstory. It would add an emotional depth to their relationship and could explain Sawyer’s motivation for wanting to leave the island.

Theory 2: “I love you.”

Another popular theory is that Sawyer confessed his love for Kate. Throughout the series, Sawyer and Kate had a complicated relationship, filled with love and betrayal. This theory would add a romantic element to their interactions and potentially explain Sawyer’s actions in the episode.

Theory 3: “Remember the letter.”

In a previous episode, Sawyer had written a heartfelt letter to the character known as “Sawyer’s Daughter.” This theory suggests that Sawyer told Kate to remember the letter, hinting at the importance of his daughter and the sacrifices he had made for her. It would add a poignant layer to their final moments together.

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Theory 4: “Take care of Juliet.”

During the time leading up to Sawyer’s departure, he had formed a deep connection with Juliet, played Elizabeth Mitchell. This theory suggests that Sawyer entrusted Kate with taking care of Juliet, acknowledging their bond and the need for someone to look after her.

Theory 5: “We’ll meet again.”

Lost was known for its time travel and alternate timelines, leading some fans to theorize that Sawyer hinted at a future reunion between him and Kate. This theory would imply that their separation was not permanent and that they would eventually find their way back to each other.

Theory 6: “Don’t trust Ben.”

Ben, portrayed Michael Emerson, was a manipulative and enigmatic character throughout the series. This theory suggests that Sawyer warned Kate about Ben’s true nature, urging her not to trust him. It would align with Sawyer’s distrust of Ben and his desire to protect Kate.

Theory 7: “Live for both of us.”

In this theory, Sawyer tells Kate to live for both of them, implying that he believes he may not survive the jump from the helicopter. It would showcase Sawyer’s selflessness and concern for Kate’s well-being.

While these theories offer compelling explanations for Sawyer’s whispered words to Kate, the truth remains elusive. Lost was known for its cryptic storytelling, leaving room for interpretation and speculation. Ultimately, it is up to each viewer to decide what they believe Sawyer said and how it impacted the characters and the overall narrative.


1. Why did the show mute Sawyer’s words to Kate?
The show’s creators intentionally muted Sawyer’s words to create suspense and intrigue, allowing viewers to speculate on their meaning.

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2. Did the actors know what Sawyer said?
No, the actors themselves were not informed of what Sawyer said, adding to the authenticity of their reactions during the scene.

3. Did the show’s creators ever reveal what was said?
No, the show’s creators have never officially revealed what Sawyer said to Kate, leaving it open to interpretation.

4. Why did Sawyer jump out of the helicopter?
Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter as part of a plan to save the remaining survivors on the island and find help.

5. Did Sawyer and Kate end up together?
Throughout the series, Sawyer and Kate had a complicated relationship, but their ultimate fate is left uncertain.

6. Who was Sawyer’s daughter?
Sawyer’s daughter, Clementine, was introduced in a later season and played a significant role in his character development.

7. What other mysteries were left unresolved in Lost?
Lost left several mysteries unanswered, including the nature of the island, the origins of the smoke monster, and the fate of several characters.

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