What Does Chun LI Say When She Kicks

What Does Chun-Li Say When She Kicks?

Chun-Li, the iconic character from Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise, is known for her lightning-fast kicks and acrobatic moves. As she unleashes her powerful strikes, she also utters various phrases in Japanese. These vocalizations have become a signature part of her character, adding to her mystique and popularity among fans. In this article, we will explore what Chun-Li says when she kicks and delve into some frequently asked questions about her iconic phrases.

Chun-Li’s Kick Phrases:

1. “Hyakuretsukyaku!” – This phrase is heard when Chun-Li performs her “Lightning Kick” move, where she rapidly kicks her opponents several times. Translated as “Hundred Rending Legs,” it perfectly captures the essence of her swift and relentless attacks.

2. “Senenshu!” – When executing her spinning bird kick, Chun-Li shouts “Senenshu!” which means “Thousand/Century Spinning Legs.” This move involves her spinning upside down with her legs extended, hitting her foe multiple times. It showcases her agility and strength.

3. “Yosokyaku!” – This phrase accompanies Chun-Li’s “Air Stomp” move, where she jumps into the air and stomps on her opponent. “Yosokyaku” translates to “Heel Drop.” It emphasizes the forceful nature of her aerial attack.

4. “Houyokusen!” – Chun-Li’s “Phoenix Kick” move is accompanied the phrase “Houyokusen,” which means “Phoenix Feather Fan.” During this move, she leaps into the air and performs a powerful downward kick. The phrase adds a sense of elegance and grace to her acrobatic assault.

5. “Tenshokyaku!” – When Chun-Li performs her “Spinning Air Kick” move, she exclaims “Tenshokyaku,” which translates to “Heaven Soaring Leg.” This move showcases her ability to strike her opponents from mid-air.

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Q: Why does Chun-Li speak Japanese?

A: Chun-Li speaks Japanese because she is a Chinese character raised in Japan. Her father, Dorai, is Chinese, while her mother, Yinling, is Chinese-Japanese. Chun-Li’s bilingualism adds depth to her character and reflects her multicultural background.

Q: Is Chun-Li’s voice actress Japanese?

A: Yes, Chun-Li’s voice actress, in both the English and Japanese versions of the Street Fighter games, is Japanese. This choice maintains the authenticity of her character and ensures consistency across different language adaptations.

Q: Are there any other phrases Chun-Li says?

A: Apart from her kick phrases, Chun-Li also has various other vocalizations during different moves. For example, she says “Kikoken” when performing her energy projectile attack, and “Spinning Bird Kick” when initiating her spinning bird kick move. These phrases, along with her kick vocalizations, contribute to the overall experience of playing as Chun-Li.

Q: What’s the significance of Chun-Li’s vocalizations?

A: Chun-Li’s vocalizations serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they add excitement and intensity to her fighting style, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Secondly, they assist players in timing their attacks, as Chun-Li’s phrases often align with the execution of her moves. Lastly, her vocalizations contribute to her character’s identity and cultural representation, emphasizing her Chinese and Japanese heritage.

In conclusion, Chun-Li’s vocalizations during her kicks in Street Fighter are an integral part of her character. These phrases, such as “Hyakuretsukyaku” and “Senenshu,” not only add flair to her powerful moves but also reflect her multicultural background. Chun-Li’s ability to seamlessly switch between languages showcases her unique identity in the Street Fighter universe. So, the next time you play as Chun-Li, pay attention to her vocalizations as she delivers her devastating kicks.

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