What Does Solas Say to Sera in Elvish

What Does Solas Say to Sera in Elvish?

In the immersive world of the Dragon Age video game series, Solas, the mysterious elven mage, communicates with the mischievous rogue, Sera, in the ancient elven language. This exchange has intrigued and captivated players, leaving them eager to uncover the meaning behind Solas’ words. In this article, we will delve into what Solas says to Sera in Elvish, exploring the potential implications and shedding light on this enigmatic conversation.

The Dialogue:

During a pivotal moment in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Solas approaches Sera, revealing his true identity as an ancient elven god. Speaking in Elvish, he says, “Ma serannas, ma vhenan. I will never forget you.” In the context of the game, this dialogue carries immense emotional weight, hinting at a complex history between Solas and Sera.

Translation and Implications:

The Elvish translation of Solas’ words can be broken down as follows:

– “Ma” means “I” or “me.”
– “Serannas” translates to “love” or “affection.”
– “Ma vhenan” can be understood as “my heart” or “my love.”

When pieced together, Solas’ phrase can be interpreted as “I love you, my heart” or “I have affection for you, my love.” This reveals a heartfelt connection between Solas and Sera, implying a deeper relationship or bond that extends beyond their initial encounters.

Solas’ use of the Elvish language is significant as it highlights his connection to his elven heritage. Being an ancient elven god, Solas possesses knowledge of this ancient language that has been lost to most of Thedas’ inhabitants. By speaking in Elvish, he emphasizes the importance of this interaction and the weight of his emotions towards Sera.

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Q: Why does Solas choose to speak in Elvish to Sera?
A: Solas’ decision to converse in Elvish with Sera reflects his desire to establish a genuine connection and convey the depth of his feelings. By speaking in their shared heritage language, he aims to create a more intimate and personal atmosphere.

Q: Does Sera understand what Solas is saying?
A: While Sera may not comprehend the exact meaning behind Solas’ words, she acknowledges the significance of their conversation. Sera is aware that Solas is expressing strong emotions towards her, even if she does not fully grasp the nuances of the Elvish language.

Q: Is Solas’ statement a declaration of romantic love?
A: The true nature of Solas’ affection for Sera remains open to interpretation. While it can be seen as a declaration of romantic love, it could also represent a deep platonic bond or a profound appreciation for her character and actions.

Q: How does this revelation impact the overall storyline?
A: Solas’ confession to Sera adds another layer of complexity to the main storyline of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It hints at the deep secrets and hidden agendas that Solas carries, foreshadowing his integral role in future events.

Q: Are there any other instances where Solas speaks in Elvish?
A: Yes, throughout the Dragon Age series, Solas occasionally utilizes the Elvish language during specific interactions. These moments serve to emphasize his connection to the elven culture and his unique position as an ancient being.


The conversation between Solas and Sera in Elvish holds immense significance within the Dragon Age universe. It not only showcases Solas’ deep emotions and connection to Sera but also highlights his connection to his elven heritage. As players continue to explore the rich lore of Dragon Age, deciphering the meaning behind Solas’ enigmatic words remains an ongoing fascination, adding depth and intrigue to an already captivating storyline.

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