What Does the Nightmare Say to Solas in the Fade

What Does the Nightmare Say to Solas in the Fade?

In the popular video game series Dragon Age, one of the most intriguing moments occurs in the Fade, a realm of dreams and nightmares. During the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the protagonist, known as the Inquisitor, encounters Solas, a powerful elven mage, in the Fade. Solas, who is also known as the Dread Wolf, is a complex and enigmatic character with deep ties to the Fade and its inhabitants. In this article, we will explore the conversation between Solas and the Nightmare, a powerful demon representing fear and terror. What does the Nightmare say to Solas, and what does it reveal about the character and the game’s lore?

In the Fade, the Nightmare takes the form of a massive red-eyed wolf, embodying the fears and anxieties of those it encounters. As Solas confronts the Nightmare, the demon tries to manipulate and intimidate him, preying on his regrets and doubts. The Nightmare claims that Solas is “the one who makes slaves of the gods,” insinuating that he is responsible for the oppression of the elven pantheon. Solas denies the accusation, stating that he only sought to restore his people’s glory.

The conversation between Solas and the Nightmare is a pivotal moment in the game, shedding light on Solas’s true intentions and motivations. The Nightmare implies that Solas intends to destroy the world and reshape it according to his own desires. Solas confirms this, revealing that he plans to tear down the Veil, a magical barrier that separates the physical world from the Fade. He believes that the Veil’s existence is responsible for the suffering and oppression of the elven people, and removing it, he aims to restore their former glory.

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The Nightmare attempts to dissuade Solas, warning him of the consequences of his actions. It argues that without the Veil, chaos and destruction will reign, and the world will be consumed demons. Solas acknowledges the risks but remains resolute in his decision, stating that it is a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

This conversation raises numerous questions about Solas’s true nature, his motives, and the consequences of his actions. What will happen if Solas succeeds in tearing down the Veil? Will his plan really bring about the restoration of the elven people? These questions fuel speculation and theories among passionate Dragon Age fans. To provide further insight, here are seven frequently asked questions about the conversation between Solas and the Nightmare:

1. Does Solas have ulterior motives?
Solas’s conversation with the Nightmare suggests that he has a hidden agenda beyond restoring the elven people. While he claims to act for their benefit, some players speculate that there may be darker motivations behind his actions.

2. What will happen if the Veil is destroyed?
The consequences of removing the Veil remain uncertain. It is believed that demons will be unleashed into the physical world, leading to chaos and destruction. The fate of Thedas hangs in the balance.

3. Can Solas be stopped?
As the Dread Wolf and a powerful mage, Solas poses a significant threat. However, the Inquisitor and their allies will play a crucial role in deciding the outcome. Whether they can stop Solas or not is yet to be determined.

4. Will Solas’s plan really restore the elven people?
Solas believes that removing the Veil will restore his people to their former glory. However, there is no guarantee that his plan will achieve the desired results. It may lead to unforeseen consequences for both elves and non-elves alike.

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5. What are the motivations of the Nightmare?
The Nightmare represents fear and terror, seeking to manipulate and prey on Solas’s doubts. Its primary goal is to prevent Solas from tearing down the Veil, as it believes chaos will follow.

6. How does this conversation affect the game’s lore?
The conversation between Solas and the Nightmare reveals important details about the world of Dragon Age and the motivations of key characters. It deepens the lore and sets the stage for future events.

7. Will players be able to change Solas’s mind?
The player’s choices throughout the game will influence the outcome of the story. Whether they can convince Solas to change his plans or not remains to be seen.

The conversation between Solas and the Nightmare in the Fade is a pivotal moment in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It reveals the character’s true intentions, motivations, and raises significant questions about the fate of Thedas. As players eagerly anticipate the next installment in the series, they can only speculate on the consequences of Solas’s plan and how it will shape the world they have come to love.

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