What to Say on a MCM Post

What to Say on a MCM Post: Tips for Engaging and Complimenting

Man Crush Monday (MCM) has become a popular social media trend where people share photos of their favorite men, celebrities, friends, or partners. It’s an opportunity to showcase admiration and highlight the qualities that make these individuals special. However, finding the right words to say on an MCM post can sometimes be challenging. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some tips to help you craft the perfect comment that will make your MCM feel extra special.

1. Be Genuine: When commenting on an MCM post, authenticity is key. Express your genuine thoughts and feelings about the person you’re highlighting. Whether it’s their charming smile, intelligence, or unique sense of style, make sure your compliments come from the heart.

2. Highlight Their Qualities: Take a moment to think about what makes your MCM stand out. Is it their kindness, sense of humor, or their unwavering support? Mention these qualities in your comment, as it shows that you appreciate them beyond their physical appearance.

3. Use Emojis: Emojis can add an extra touch of personality and playfulness to your comment. For example, a heart emoji can symbolize love and admiration, while a fire emoji can represent someone’s attractiveness or exceptional qualities. Choose emojis that reflect your feelings towards your MCM to make your comment more engaging.

4. Be Specific: Avoid generic compliments and opt for specific details that make your MCM special. Instead of saying, “You look great,” try something like, “Your infectious smile brightens everyone’s day.” Specific compliments show that you pay attention to the little things that make them unique.

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5. Share a Personal Anecdote: If you have a personal story or memory that relates to your MCM, share it in your comment. It adds a personal touch that shows your connection and appreciation. For example, “Remember when we traveled together? Your adventurous spirit always inspires me.”

6. Encourage Their Passions: If your MCM has a hob or passion, acknowledge and encourage it in your comment. Whether it’s photography, writing, or sports, let them know that you admire their dedication and talent. This will make your comment more meaningful and highlight their individuality.

7. Keep it Positive: While MCM posts can be light-hearted, it’s essential to keep your comment positive and respectful. Avoid making inappropriate or offensive remarks that may offend or embarrass your MCM. Remember, the goal is to uplift and make them feel good about themselves.


1. Should I only participate in MCM if I have a romantic partner?
No, MCM is not limited to romantic relationships. You can participate showcasing your admiration for friends, family members, or even celebrities who inspire you.

2. Can I post multiple MCMs in one post?
While it’s common to highlight one person per MCM post, you can also include multiple MCMs in a single post if you have a group of friends or family members you want to appreciate collectively.

3. What if I don’t know my MCM very well?
If you’re not familiar with your MCM on a personal level, focus on their public persona or qualities that have caught your attention. Compliment their talent, achievements, or the positive impact they have on others.

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4. Is it necessary to post an MCM every Monday?
Posting an MCM every Monday is not mandatory. It’s a trend, and you can participate whenever you feel like appreciating someone publicly. However, consistency can make your MCM feel extra special and appreciated.

5. Should I ask for permission before posting someone as my MCM?
It’s always considerate to ask for permission before posting someone as your MCM, especially if they are not comfortable with public attention. Respecting their privacy is important to maintain a healthy relationship.

6. What if I can’t think of anything to say on my MCM post?
If you’re struggling to find the right words, start acknowledging their physical features, such as their smile or eyes. From there, you can expand on their personality traits or any shared experiences you’ve had.

7. Can I participate in MCM without using a photo?
While MCM posts traditionally include a photo, you can participate without one. Instead, focus on writing a heartfelt message that describes your admiration and appreciation for your MCM.

MCM posts are an excellent way to uplift, appreciate, and show admiration towards someone you value. By following these tips and personalizing your comments, you can make your MCM feel special and loved. Remember, it’s not just about their physical appearance but also the qualities that make them truly remarkable.

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