What to Say to Someone Who Ghosted You and Came Back Funny

What to Say to Someone Who Ghosted You and Came Back Funny

Ghosting is a modern dating phenomenon where someone abruptly cuts off all communication with another person without any explanation or warning. It leaves the person being ghosted confused, hurt, and wondering what went wrong. However, sometimes these ghosting situations take an unexpected turn when the person who vanished suddenly reappears, attempting to make amends in a humorous way. Here are some ideas on what to say to someone who ghosted you and came back funny.

1. “Oh, so you’re back from the Bermuda Triangle of communication! Did you find any answers there?”
This lighthearted approach acknowledges the person’s disappearance while injecting some humor into the situation. It sets the tone for a conversation without dwelling too much on the past.

2. “I hope you had a good time on your secret spy mission. Did you uncover any classified information?”
Using playful sarcasm can help defuse any tension and make the conversation more enjoyable. It also shows that you’re not taking their ghosting too seriously.

3. “You know, Casper, you could have at least left a note. It’s not every day someone gets ghosted a friendly ghost.”
Comparing them to Casper, the friendly ghost, adds a touch of humor while gently reminding them of the impact their disappearance had on you. It opens the door for them to explain their actions.

4. “I’m glad you finally decided to rejoin the land of the living. Want to explain what happened, or should we just pretend it never did?”
This approach allows you to address the elephant in the room while giving them the opportunity to explain themselves. It shows that you’re willing to move forward but also need some closure.

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5. “I’ve been practicing my psychic powers, and I predicted that you’d come back. Now, what did you bring me from the ghostly realm?”
Using humor to predict their return lightens the mood and demonstrates your ability to move on from the ghosting incident. It also shows that you’re open to giving the person a chance to make amends.

6. “I thought you were auditioning for the next season of ‘Ghost Hunters.’ Did you get the part?”
By referencing a popular TV show, you show that you’ve moved on and are now able to joke about the situation. This approach invites a conversation while making it clear that you’re not holding a grudge.

7. “So, I guess disappearing acts are your superpower. Can you teach me how to do that?”
Injecting a playful tone into the conversation allows you to address the ghosting incident while still keeping things light. It also shows that you’re open to moving forward and are willing to give them a chance.


1. Should I give the person who ghosted me a second chance?
Whether or not to give someone a second chance depends on the individual situation and your feelings. It’s essential to have an open and honest conversation about what happened before deciding.

2. How do I approach the conversation without sounding resentful?
Using humor can help defuse any lingering resentment and make the conversation more enjoyable. It’s important to communicate your feelings honestly but in a lighthearted manner.

3. What if the person doesn’t acknowledge their ghosting?
If the person doesn’t address their disappearance, gently remind them of what happened. Share how their ghosting made you feel and give them an opportunity to explain themselves.

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4. How do I set boundaries moving forward?
Clearly communicate your expectations and boundaries for future interactions. Let the person know what you’re comfortable with and what you expect from them to ensure a healthier dynamic.

5. Can humor help mend the relationship?
Humor can be an effective tool to lighten the mood and create a more positive atmosphere. However, it’s important to also address the underlying issues and have an open and honest conversation.

6. What if the person ghosts me again?
If someone ghosts you twice, it may be a sign of a pattern or a lack of respect for your feelings. Consider whether this is a healthy relationship and if it’s worth continuing.

7. How do I rebuild trust after someone ghosts me?
Rebuilding trust takes time and open communication. Be honest about your feelings and concerns while giving the person an opportunity to prove themselves. It’s important to set boundaries and take things slowly.

In conclusion, when someone who ghosted you suddenly reappears in a funny way, it opens up an opportunity for a lighthearted conversation. By using humor, you can address the ghosting incident while still keeping the mood positive. However, it’s vital to have an honest conversation about your feelings and set boundaries moving forward. Remember, every situation is unique, and it’s up to you to decide if giving them a second chance is worth it.

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