What to Say When Someone Says I Miss You but You Don’t Miss Them

What to Say When Someone Says I Miss You but You Don’t Miss Them

It can be a challenging situation when someone tells you they miss you, but you don’t feel the same way. Whether it’s an ex-partner, a friend, or a family member, knowing how to respond can be difficult. While you want to be honest, you also don’t want to hurt their feelings or create unnecessary conflict. In this article, we will discuss some tactful ways to handle this situation and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Be empathetic and understanding:
When someone tells you they miss you, it’s important to acknowledge their feelings. Respond with empathy and understanding, even if you don’t share the same sentiment. Say something like, “I appreciate your honesty and understand that you miss our connection.”

2. Focus on the positive memories:
If you don’t miss the person, try to redirect the conversation towards the positive moments you shared. Talk about the good times you had together and how those memories will always hold a special place in your heart. This can help soften the blow and make the situation less uncomfortable.

3. Express gratitude for their feelings:
Let the person know that you appreciate their honesty and that you value the relationship you had. Say something like, “I’m grateful for the time we spent together and the bond we shared. Although I don’t feel the same way right now, I respect your feelings.”

4. Offer reassurance:
It’s important to reassure the person that their feelings are valid, even if you don’t reciprocate them. Assure them that it’s not a reflection of their worth or the value of the relationship. Say, “It’s not about you. Sometimes, feelings change, and that’s okay. Our connection was meaningful, but I’ve moved on.”

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5. Be honest but gentle:
While it’s crucial to be honest, it’s equally important to be gentle in your response. Avoid being harsh or dismissive, as it can cause unnecessary pain. Say something like, “I appreciate your honesty, but I don’t feel the same way. I hope you understand and can find happiness elsewhere.”

6. Set boundaries:
If the person continues to express their feelings repeatedly, it’s essential to establish boundaries. Let them know that you need some space and time for yourself. Say, “I understand that you miss me, but I need some time alone. I hope you can respect my need for space.”

7. Maintain kindness and respect:
Regardless of your feelings, remember to treat the person with kindness and respect. Avoid making them feel rejected or unimportant. Continue to be polite and considerate in your interactions, even if you need to distance yourself from the relationship.


1. Should I lie and say that I miss them too?
It’s always best to be honest in any relationship. Lying about your feelings may lead to further complications down the line. It’s essential to maintain trust and respect being truthful, even if it’s uncomfortable.

2. How can I soften the blow without giving false hope?
While you want to be understanding, it’s crucial not to give false hope. Be clear and direct in your response, but also express gratitude for their feelings and the time you spent together. This can help soften the blow while maintaining honesty.

3. What if they become angry or upset?
If the person becomes angry or upset, try to stay calm and composed. Remember that their reaction is not within your control. Offer reassurance, but also assert your boundaries if necessary. If the situation escalates, it may be best to step away and give them some time to process their emotions.

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4. Can I still be friends with someone I don’t miss?
Whether or not you can remain friends with someone you don’t miss depends on the individual circumstances. It’s important to assess your own comfort level and the dynamics of the relationship. If being friends is causing you stress or discomfort, it may be best to create some distance.

5. How can I avoid hurting their feelings?
While it’s impossible to guarantee that the other person won’t be hurt, you can minimize the impact being empathetic, understanding, and respectful in your response. Choose your words carefully and focus on the positive aspects of your relationship.

6. Should I cut off all contact with them?
Cutting off all contact is not always necessary, but it may be helpful in certain situations. If the person is unable to respect your boundaries or continues to pursue a romantic relationship, it may be best to limit or cut off contact for your own well-being.

7. Will their feelings change over time?
It’s possible that their feelings may change over time. However, it’s important not to lead them on or give them false hope. If you don’t feel the same way, it’s crucial to be honest and allow them the opportunity to move on and find happiness elsewhere.

In conclusion, navigating the situation when someone tells you they miss you but you don’t feel the same way can be challenging. It’s important to be honest, empathetic, and respectful in your response. Remember to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship, express gratitude for their feelings, and maintain clear boundaries.

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