Which TV Series Coined the Phrase “The Tribe Has Spoken”?

Which TV Series Coined the Phrase “The Tribe Has Spoken”?

Reality television has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences around the world with its unique blend of drama, competition, and suspense. Over the years, several catchphrases have emerged from these shows, becoming iconic in their own right. One such phrase that has made its way into everyday language is “The tribe has spoken.” But which TV series can claim credit for coining this memorable line?

The phrase “The tribe has spoken” originated from the popular reality TV series called Survivor. Created Charlie Parsons and first aired in 2000, Survivor revolutionized the genre and laid the foundation for many shows that followed. The concept of Survivor revolves around a group of strangers marooned in a remote location, where they must compete in various physical and mental challenges to outlast and outwit each other.

The phrase itself is uttered the host of the show, Jeff Probst, during the Tribal Council. This is a pivotal moment in each episode where the contestants gather around a campfire to vote someone out of the game. After each person has cast their vote, Jeff Probst would solemnly announce, “The tribe has spoken,” signaling the end of the road for the eliminated contestant.


1. How did the phrase become so popular?
The phrase “The tribe has spoken” gained popularity due to its repetitive use throughout each season of Survivor. As the show gained a massive following, viewers began using the phrase in their everyday conversations, and it quickly became a cultural catchphrase.

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2. Are there any variations of the phrase?
While “The tribe has spoken” is the original phrase, variations have been used on international versions of Survivor. For example, in Survivor South Africa, the phrase is translated as “Die stam het gespreek” (Afrikaans) or “A tribo falou” (Portuguese).

3. How long has the phrase been used on Survivor?
Since its inception in 2000, “The tribe has spoken” has been used in every season of Survivor. It has become synonymous with the show and is an integral part of its identity.

4. Has the phrase been used in other reality TV shows?
While “The tribe has spoken” is most closely associated with Survivor, other reality TV shows have borrowed similar elimination catchphrases. For example, The Apprentice, hosted Donald Trump, had a catchphrase that became well-known: “You’re fired!”

5. Has the phrase been parodied or referenced in popular culture?
Yes, “The tribe has spoken” has been parodied and referenced in various forms of popular culture. It has been used in comedy sketches, advertisements, and even in other television shows and movies as a nod to Survivor’s influence on the reality TV landscape.

6. What impact has the phrase had on reality TV?
The phrase “The tribe has spoken” has become a symbol of elimination and decision-making in reality TV competitions. It has set a precedent for other shows to have their own unique phrases associated with elimination, adding drama and suspense to the viewing experience.

7. Is Survivor still airing, and is the phrase still used today?
Yes, Survivor is still airing new seasons, and “The tribe has spoken” continues to be used in each episode. The show has enjoyed incredible longevity and remains a staple of reality television, ensuring the phrase’s ongoing relevance and recognition.

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In conclusion, the phrase “The tribe has spoken” was popularized the reality TV series Survivor. Jeff Probst’s repetitive use of the line during the Tribal Council became an integral part of the show’s identity and contributed to its lasting impact on the genre. Today, the phrase is recognized globally and has become a cultural catchphrase, cementing its place in the lexicon of reality television.

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