Who Killed the Murphys in Everything We Didn’t Say

Title: Who Killed the Murphys in “Everything We Didn’t Say”?


In the gripping novel “Everything We Didn’t Say” Nicole Baart, the central mystery revolves around the shocking death of the Murphy family. Set against a backdrop of family secrets, complex relationships, and hidden truths, this psychological thriller delves into the dark corners of human nature. As readers are drawn into a web of suspicion and intrigue, the burning question remains: Who killed the Murphys? In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the crime and attempt to shed light on the identity of the murderer.

The Murphys: A Desperate Family:

The Murphys were a seemingly happy family, living in the idyllic town of Five Lakes. Bill and Judy Murphy, along with their two children, Jake and Alyssa, appeared to be living the American dream. However, beneath the surface, their lives were marred secrets, strained relationships, and emotional turmoil. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the family was entangled in a web of deception, making them vulnerable to hidden dangers.

The Suspects:

1. Mark Thompson: Judy Murphy’s former love interest, Mark had a tumultuous history with the family. As a former friend of Bill’s, his reappearance after many years raises suspicion. His intentions towards Judy and his resentment towards Bill make him a possible suspect.

2. Sarah Thompson: Mark’s wife, Sarah, is another potential suspect. Her jealousy towards Judy and her desperate desire to keep her husband make her capable of extreme actions.

3. Jake Murphy: The teenage son, Jake, is a complex character. Struggling with his own demons, his erratic behavior and violent outbursts raise questions about his involvement in the crime.

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4. Alyssa Murphy: Alyssa, the youngest member of the family, is harboring her own secrets. Her close relationship with Mark and her unusual behavior make her a suspect in the murder.

5. Bill Murphy: The patriarch of the family, Bill, has a dark past that he has worked hard to keep hidden. His involvement in criminal activities and his strained relationship with his wife put him under the spotlight as a potential culprit.

6. Judy Murphy: The matriarch of the family, Judy, is a complex character. Battling her own demons and fighting to keep her family together, her actions raise suspicion about her involvement in the crime.

7. The Five Lakes Community: The close-knit community of Five Lakes is not immune to suspicion. Various characters, including neighbors, friends, and acquaintances, may have motives to harm the Murphys.


1. What was the motive behind the murder of the Murphys?
The motive behind the murder revolves around a web of secrets, betrayals, and resentments within the family. It also involves external forces seeking revenge or control.

2. Was the murder premeditated?
The murder appears to be premeditated, as the killer demonstrates knowledge of the family’s vulnerabilities and exploits their weaknesses.

3. Were there any witnesses to the crime?
The crime took place in the secluded home of the Murphys, making it unlikely for there to be any direct witnesses. However, subtle clues and hints emerge throughout the novel.

4. Did the police investigate the murder thoroughly?
The police investigation in “Everything We Didn’t Say” is a central aspect of the story. While they face challenges and obstacles, they ultimately strive to uncover the truth.

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5. Is the murder solved the end of the novel?
The novel skillfully keeps readers guessing until the very end. Without giving away any spoilers, it can be said that the resolution of the murder is both surprising and satisfying.

6. How does the murder impact the surviving family members?
The murder deeply affects each family member, pushing them to face their own secrets and confront their deepest fears. It forces them to reassess their relationships and ultimately find redemption.

7. What themes does the novel explore in relation to the murder?
Alongside the central mystery, “Everything We Didn’t Say” delves into themes such as betrayal, forgiveness, the consequences of secrets, and the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones.


“Everything We Didn’t Say” is a thrilling journey into the dark corners of human nature, where secrets breed danger and relationships teeter on the edge of destruction. While the question of who killed the Murphys may haunt readers throughout the novel, the ultimate resolution will leave them satisfied. Nicole Baart skillfully weaves a tale of suspense that forces us to question our own capacity for darkness and the lengths we would go to protect those we love.

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