Why Did Mr Orange Say He Was a Cop

Title: Why Did Mr. Orange Say He Was a Cop? Unraveling the Deception in Reservoir Dogs


Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs is known for its gripping storyline, memorable characters, and intricate plot twists. One of the most intriguing aspects of the film revolves around Mr. Orange, a member of a gang of criminals who infiltrates their ranks posing as a cop. This article aims to delve into the reasons behind Mr. Orange’s deceit and shed light on the motives that drive his character.

The Deception:

Throughout the film, Mr. Orange, played Tim Roth, maintains his cover as an undercover police officer. He claims to be working for the LAPD, assigned to gather information on the gang and bring them to justice. This deception serves as the foundation for the tension and suspense that permeates the movie.

Motives Behind the Deception:

1. Gaining Trust: By posing as a cop, Mr. Orange gains the trust of the gang members. Criminals are naturally wary of one another, but a cop is seen as someone who can be trusted to maintain secrecy and loyalty.

2. Access to Information: As an undercover officer, Mr. Orange has insider knowledge that can prove crucial for both the police and himself. By pretending to be a criminal, he can gather valuable intelligence, identify the gang members, and potentially bring them to justice.

3. Protecting His Identity: Mr. Orange knows that if his true identity is revealed prematurely, he could be killed. By posing as a cop, he creates a layer of protection around himself, as criminals are more likely to hesitate before targeting a law enforcement officer.

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4. Maintaining Control: By infiltrating the gang and assuming the role of an undercover cop, Mr. Orange gains a degree of control over the unfolding events. He can influence the decisions made both the criminals and the police, steering the situation towards his desired outcome.

5. Personal Redemption: It is revealed later in the film that Mr. Orange has a moral motivation behind his deception. He believes that infiltrating the gang, he can redeem himself for his past criminal activities and make a positive impact bringing them to justice.

6. Upholding the Law: Mr. Orange’s ultimate goal is to bring the criminals to justice and uphold the law. By pretending to be a cop, he is able to maintain a sense of righteousness while carrying out his undercover mission.

7. Psychological Warfare: Mr. Orange’s deception also serves as a psychological tactic. By creating doubt and mistrust among the gang members, he weakens their unity and potentially hastens their downfall.


1. Was Mr. Orange always an undercover cop?
No, Mr. Orange became an undercover cop prior to the events of the film. He was assigned the mission to infiltrate the gang and gather evidence against them.

2. Did Mr. Orange ever feel conflicted about his role?
Yes, Mr. Orange experiences inner conflict throughout the film. He struggles with the moral implications of his actions and the potential consequences of his deception.

3. How did the gang members react when they discovered Mr. Orange’s true identity?
The revelation of Mr. Orange’s true identity leads to a state of chaos, suspicion, and violence among the gang members.

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4. Did Mr. Orange’s deception have any unintended consequences?
Yes, Mr. Orange’s deception inadvertently leads to the death of some gang members and contributes to the escalating violence.

5. Did Mr. Orange’s infiltration plan involve the police force?
Yes, Mr. Orange was working in coordination with the police force, who were aware of his undercover status and supported his mission.

6. Did Mr. Orange’s deception succeed in bringing the gang members to justice?
While Mr. Orange’s mission is successful to some extent, the ultimate outcome is not entirely in his favor, leading to a dramatic and tragic climax.

7. What is the significance of Mr. Orange’s confession at the end of the film?
Mr. Orange’s confession serves as a critical turning point. It reveals the true extent of his dedication to his mission and the emotional toll it has taken on him.


The character of Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs provides an intriguing exploration of deception and its consequences. By posing as a cop, Mr. Orange navigates a dangerous world of crime with multiple motivations driving his actions. The film’s complex narrative, combined with Tim Roth’s compelling performance, adds depth to this character study, leaving audiences captivated the psychological turmoil and moral dilemmas faced Mr. Orange.

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