Why Does Instapot Say Food Burn

Why Does Instapot Say Food Burn?

The Instant Pot, commonly referred to as the Instapot, has become a popular kitchen appliance due to its ability to cook food quickly and efficiently. However, many users have encountered a frustrating issue where the device displays the message “Food Burn.” This warning can be confusing and leave users wondering why their food is burning and what they can do to prevent it. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the Instapot’s “Food Burn” message and provide some tips to avoid encountering this problem.

1. Insufficient Liquid: One of the main reasons why the Instapot may display the “Food Burn” message is due to insufficient liquid in the pot. The device needs enough liquid to create steam and build pressure for proper cooking. If there isn’t enough liquid, the food can burn and stick to the bottom of the pot, triggering the warning. It is essential to add enough liquid, typically at least one cup, to ensure adequate steam production.

2. Thick Sauces or Dense Ingredients: Another common cause of the “Food Burn” message is the use of thick sauces or dense ingredients. Thick sauces, such as tomato-based ones, can easily scorch and trigger the warning. Similarly, dense ingredients like beans or grains may require more liquid and longer cooking times to prevent burning. To avoid this issue, consider diluting thick sauces with water or broth and adding extra liquid when cooking dense ingredients.

3. Burnt Residue on the Bottom: If there is burnt residue stuck to the bottom of the pot from previous cooking sessions, the Instapot may interpret it as burning food and display the “Food Burn” message. It is crucial to thoroughly clean the pot after each use to avoid this problem. Use a non-abrasive sponge or brush to remove any residue and ensure the pot is clean before using it again.

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4. High Heat Setting: Setting the Instapot to a high heat level can increase the likelihood of the “Food Burn” warning. It is recommended to use the appropriate heat setting specified in the recipe or choose a lower heat level to prevent burning. The Instapot offers various heat levels to accommodate different cooking needs, so ensure you select the appropriate one for your recipe.

5. Insufficient Stirring: Certain recipes require stirring during the cooking process to distribute heat evenly and prevent burning. Neglecting to stir ingredients, especially those prone to sticking, can lead to uneven heat distribution and trigger the “Food Burn” message. Follow the recipe instructions and stir as required to avoid this issue.


Q: Can I salvage burnt food in the Instapot?
A: If you encounter burnt food in your Instapot, it is best to remove the burnt portion and transfer the remaining edible food to another container. Discard the burnt portion and clean the pot thoroughly before using it again.

Q: How can I prevent the “Food Burn” message?
A: To prevent the “Food Burn” message, ensure you add sufficient liquid, especially when cooking thick sauces or dense ingredients. Clean the pot thoroughly after each use to avoid burnt residue triggering the warning. Use the appropriate heat setting and stir as required during the cooking process.

Q: Is the “Food Burn” message an indication of a faulty Instapot?
A: The “Food Burn” message is not necessarily an indication of a faulty Instapot. It is a built-in safety feature that alerts users when the food is at risk of burning. However, if you consistently encounter the message despite following the recommended guidelines, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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In conclusion, the Instapot’s “Food Burn” message can be attributed to various factors, including insufficient liquid, thick sauces or dense ingredients, burnt residue, high heat settings, and insufficient stirring. By understanding these causes and following the provided tips, users can prevent the occurrence of this frustrating issue and enjoy perfectly cooked meals with their Instapot.

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